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Five Ways to Enjoy the Hot Weather with Your Dog

British summers aren’t always hot and sunny, so we really do value those days when it’s not raining and aim to make the most of them. Dogs love the summer too, as it often means they get to spend more time with you in the great outdoors. The daily walks to the same old park can get tedious for both you and your pet, so why not try something new this summer?

Here are five ways you and your pooch can enjoy the summer sunshine together.

Dog at the beach on a hot, sunny day 

1 - Go geocaching together

If you haven’t tried geocaching before, you really should. It’s like a modern day, worldwide treasure-hunt. All you need is a free account and a smartphone or GPS device. Your pet will love helping you hunt for hidden boxes (which may have a toy they can play with inside!). Plus, your adventures can take you to places you’ve never been before. Time to discover some all new dog walking routes!

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2 - Create an agility course in your garden

A good way to exercise and improve the discipline of your dog is agility training. You needn’t pay top dollar to go on a special course though, it’s easy to create your own agility course for next to nothing. Old ski poles can become weaves, broom handles and cinder blocks can turn into jumps, and your dog will love running through the play tunnel the kids never use. All you need is a sizeable garden or outdoor space, and you’re good to go.

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3 - Go for a swim at the beach

A dog enjoying swimming safely at a sandy beach

A swim in the cool sea is a great way to help your dog cope with the hot weather, and get some exercise at the same time. Remember to take a ball that floats so you can play fetch in the sea. You should also take some fresh water with you; if your dog gets dehydrated it may try and drink the sea water, which will make them feel unwell and dehydrate them even further. You’ll probably need a towel too!

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4 - Go camping with your pets

Just like you, your dog loves spending as much time outside as possible, especially if it means they get the opportunity to explore new places and sniff new smells. If you enjoy camping in the summer, don’t leave your dog with a friend or in kennels. Find a dog-friendly campsite (there’s plenty to choose from) and invest in a dog tent – yes, they do exist! Pets hate being left at home with a stranger or at the pound; they would much prefer to spend that time with you.

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5 - Make some frozen dog treats

Dog sitting in front of the food bowl anticipating a frozen dog treat 

Another way to cool down your pooch is to make them some healthy, homemade frozen treats. We all crave an ice cream once the hot sun rears its head, and dogs are no different! Plus, the nutrition in the treats will help keep their energy levels up, something which is especially important when they’re playing in the heat.

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What's next?

We hope you have fun with your dog this summer, but remember that not all pets want to play for hours and hours on end. The more enthusiastic pooches will keep playing until you stop, or they collapse from exhaustion or heatstroke - looking after your pets in the sun is paramount, and to help we have some cool new dog product offers that you might enjoy. 

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