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Dog Grooming & Hygiene

Dog Grooming & Hygiene

We all know that dogs aren’t always the cleanest of animals which is why we have a wide selection of lotions and potions to make your dog smells lovely, together with brushes and combs for regular grooming and oral care to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Our newest products include a daily spritz, which come in lots of exotic scents, from coconut lime verbena to cucumber and melon.

If you’re looking for a de-shedding tool like no other, the Furminator really is the best we’ve come across, and it has been tried and tested on our very own cocker spaniel, Oscar, who agrees that it’s the greatest brush to help get all of those horrible knots out.

In terms of shampoos, people often ask us how often they should bathe their dog, if at all. We always say it’s down to personal preference and often the type of dog and how mucky they get. If your dog is a fan of rolling, then we have a shampoo especially for removing the stubborn smell of fox poo. If you just want to freshen up your dog then the Pet Head ones are a popular choice.

Also in this category are the dry dog bags, these are a new addition and are designed to help keep your car and house clean when your dog has been playing in the water. Perfect for those afternoons spent at the river or on the beach.

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