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Soft Crates

Soft Crates

Space saving and light weight, soft dog crates are very mobile. Excellent quality and excellent prices, buy your soft dog crate from Muddy Paws! We stock a wide range of crates which are great for a trip to the vets, or for keeping in the back of the car. They're also great if you're just generally going anywhere and need to transport your dog.

The soft dog crates come with an internal steel frame, entry doors which have zipa at the top and front. These crates are easy to set up and take down. Also, the soft cover is removable and washabale so they're easy to keep clean. 

Many of these crates have had excellent Feefo ratings from our customers, which proves just how good these beds are. 

Whatever size and breed of dog you have, these crates will suit small to giant dogs, so whether you've got a daschund or a german shepherd, we have crates to suit all! However, fabric crates aren't best for dogs who would chew or scratch their way out. We'd advise a metal crate would be better in this scenario!

Take a look at the range we've got on offer, the sizes we stock include small, medium, intermediate, large, extra large and giant. We have size guides on the individual soft crate product pages which show the length, width and height in cm and inches for each of these sizes. If you're not sure which size, or you're unsure about whether to get a soft or metal crate please give us a call.