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Luxury Beds

Luxury Beds

We all know how important a comfy bed is, as every day we spend hours either lying or sitting on it. The majority of a dog’s day is spent relaxing (lucky things), so having a space that is just as snug as yours is only fair, right? At Muddy Paws, we believe that every dog bed should feel luxurious, cosy and just right. That’s why we stock a huge selection of luxury dog beds made to the highest quality.

Luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive, though. We have dog beds to suit every budget. If you’re saving the pennies, something like the Heritage Herringbone Deluxe Slumber Bed is ideal. It’s soft, looks stylish and is easy to clean.

Got a little more cash to splash? Pets and Leisure’s Premium Snuggle bed with Memory Foam Base is one of the best luxury dog beds we sell. Older dogs in particular will appreciate the comfortable memory foam base, while you will love the heavy-duty stain resistant fabric. You get what you pay for with this bed – it will last for years to come.

Our dogs bring us so much joy and happiness, it’s only fair we give them the very best. A well-rested dog is a content dog, so you really won’t regret investing in a fantastic luxury dog bed.


Before you buy, make sure you know exactly what size bed your pooch needs. Our dog bed sizing guide should help, but let us know if you’re still stuck and have any questions.