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Machine Washable Beds

Machine Washable Beds

In order to keep your home odour-free and your dog happy and healthy, you need to wash their bed on a regular basis, especially if they love nothing more than rolling in the mud (or worse!). Machine washable beds make this chore incredibly easy – just bung it in your washing machine with the dog’s towels and you’re done!

We stock a range of machine-washable beds, suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Your pooch won’t care about the colour or design, but we know you will. There’s something here to suit every interior style, so don’t worry about it clashing with the wallpaper. A classic tweed design will look fantastic in a country home, whereas a neutral block colour will suit any modern abode.

Mostly importantly, though, your dog’s new bed must be the right size. Go too big or too small, and your pooch will be uncomfortable, and will likely opt for the floor instead! Use our dog bed sizing guide to ensure you get it right the first time.


Want any more help or information on our machine washable dog beds? Get in touch by either giving us a call on 0845 362 9663 or starting a live chat on our site. We are doggy experts and are always willing to lend a hand (or paw!).