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Dog Bowls

Dog Bowls

From ceramic to stainless steel through to fancy designer bowls, you'll find everything you need to please your dog at dinner time by not only feeding him the best, but letting him eat from the very best platter!

They come in a range of materials, from stainless steel to ceramic and plastic. Available in a choice of styles, colours and sizes you should be able to find a suitable bowl that your dog will be happy eating from every day. At Muddy Paws we pride ourselves on offering only the best quality products for our customers, and our own product tester Holly, has given the ‘paws up’ for everything we sell. If he’s not happy, we won’t stock it.

Our dog bowl accessories cover all the extras such as placemats, dog feeders and dog food storage products. Going travelling? Remember to take a look at our travel dog bowls which are ideal for taking your dog out without having to take a full size dog bowl with you. This range includes portable water bottles and collapsible bowls which are great for long days out with your dog.

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