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You know you're a Labrador owner when....

You know you're a labrador when

Long live Labradors! There are hundreds - if not thousands - of reasons why Labs sit amongst the most popular dog breeds in the UK: they're the quintessential country breed and the iconic family pooch. And whilst we would wholeheartedly agree that your Lab is a unique and marvellous creature like no other, Labrador owners are united by a strict code of practice that most owners never even knew they were conforming to. So, does the following sound at all familiar?

1. You spend more money on your beloved Labrador's toys than you ever did on your kids' toys

2. Possibly because they go through chewy toys like no other breed on earth
Labrador & Toys

3. Your bed is their bed, apparently

Who's bed is this?

4. Your dog is never too big or too heavy for a cuddle on your lap

5. In fact, sometimes you forget that your dog isn't actually a human being, nor one of your offspring

Labradors are human!

6. You're still referring to them as a puppy when they're three. Perhaps because it takes about four years for them to grow out of their clumsy phase

7. You have a solid and well-practised argument for why black / yellow / chocolate (delete as applicable) is the best colour for a Labrador to be

Which colour labrador is best?!
8. You can't venture out anywhere near water without your dog hurling itself in for a swim

Labradors love water!

9. Your dog is the one in the park (or on the beach, on the field, in the garden...) running around looking proud as punch with an eleven foot stick it found somewhere

Labradors and sticks!

10. You can't help puffing up with pride when you tell someone that you have a Labrador

11. Because Labs are the most intelligent, most loyal, most obedient dog breed around

Loyal Labradors

12. Being asked whether your dog is a Golden Retriever is just plain awkward

13. Your Labrador gets away with way more mischief than your children ever did - or ever will

Labradors are naughty!

14. ‘Walk' is a banned word in your household. If a walk is to be suggested it must be spelled out, with as much indifference as possible

15. You're full of Labrador fun facts: like, a yellow Lab with chocolate pigmentation is called a Dudley

A Dudley Labradaor

16. You got another dog (of a different breed) for home security purposes. Labradors are most likely to attack burglars with slobbery licks

17. No food - left anywhere, on any surface - is safe in your home

Labradors and Food

18. But... you can't resist that head tilt. Gets you every time

Labradors are cute!

Are you a member of this most privileged pet club? Let us know what funny little traits and habits set you apart as a proud Labrador owner, and leave us a comment below. Don't forget to like and share!


Alice West

Alice West lives in Buckinghamshire and is the proud owner of two gorgeous black Working Cocker Spaniels called Maisie and Dotty, and a one-year-old human called Matilda. Dotty came from Maisie's first litter of puppies - all girls - born in December 2013.

Running a copywriting business from home means Alice can enjoy lovely dog walks on her lunch break, and is distracted frequently by Spaniels chewing her shoes, begging for food and fighting over toys. She works Maisie and Dotty on a very sympathetic local shoot in the winter months. 

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Alice West

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