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A dog clothing and accessories brand that has been established for more than ten years, Hurtta is the perfect choice for discerning dog owners who want the best for their dogs.

Not only does the brand manufacture high-quality items made from premium materials, but every item is also carefully tested to ensure that it is durable, reliable and long lasting.

Hurtta: accessories for active dogs

Hurtta performance dog clothing

Your dog deserves the very best, and when you buy from Muddy Paws, that’s exactly what you’ll get – especially if you opt for something from the Hurtta range.

Hurtta specialises in making durable and attractive accessories for particularly active dogs.  So if your canine friend is a ball of energy with no ‘off’ switch, or if they enjoy embarking on big adventures every now and then, you may well have found the perfect brand.

Hurtta dog coats

Hurtta dog coats

We stock a range of Hurtta dog coats so you can make sure your four-legged companion stays warm while they’re out and about. The garments here are available in a variety of shapes, cuts and sizes too, so you can guarantee a comfortable and functional fit.

If you’re looking to keep your shorthaired friend comfy and cosy on the colder days, you may want to take a closer look at Hurtta’s fantastic fleece coats. They’ve been designed to keep your dog’s core temperature up by focusing on the main muscle groups and abdomen – perfect for those winter morning walks.

If it’s the rain you’re worried about, you may want to consider a waterproof coat instead. These are particularly useful to have ready in the car in case the weather turns bad without any warning. Hurtta’s windproof coats and life jackets are just as handy, and its high-visibility jackets will ensure your dog is always seen, even at night.

Harnesses, collars and leads

Hurtta dog leads from Muddy Paws

Anyone with a particularly energetic dog will appreciate how difficult it can be to keep them safe on routine walks – they want to be everywhere! That’s why it’s important to invest in quality harnesses, collars and leads.

Hurtta’s accessories are designed to be comfortable and made using the best materials. So however much they like to drag you down the street, you can rest assured they’re happy and safe for a long time to come.

The products on offer here are manufactured using either strong leather or a heavy-duty nylon webbing. Hurtta also makes use of some sturdy loops and buckles, so you can easily attach leads and adjust the fitting as necessary. Expect fantastic durability.

Talking of leads, the range includes examples made from rope, nylon and leather – each with its own unique appearance and benefits. With most measuring around 1.8 metres in length, you’re sure to have great control at all times while leaving enough slack to allow your dog to explore their surroundings.

Dog treat bags

When used correctly, treats are a great way to manage your dog’s behaviour. You can reward them for listening and implement over a period of time to teach new commands. You may have a jar at home but Hurtta’s dog treat bags are designed to make dispensing a whole lot easier when you’re on the go.

Made using tough and often reflective materials, these bags are built to last. They’re also extremely practical, attaching to your belt to allow easy access. Some even come with extra space for other bits like phones, keys and training whistles. Your next walk will be easier and more enjoyable for you and your dog.

Find the best gear for your dog at Muddy Paws

Hurtta performance dog gear

Your dog may live for the big adventures in the wilderness, or perhaps they just don’t like the cold during their daily walks. Either way, Hurtta has accessories and clothing to keep them warm, comfortable dry and safe.

We love Hurtta’s products but we also stock a whole load of other great things for your dog. We have beds, for example, so your companion can recharge after a hard afternoon of exploring. Take a quick browse of the site and you’ll also find everything from crates to cages, all from the best manufacturers.

If you need any more information on Hurtta’s range, or anything else you find on the site, do feel free to get in touch! We’re happy to answer questions and offer advice.

Also, head to our Twitter and Facebook pages, where you’ll find the latest dog news and product additions.