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Puppy Toys

Puppy Toys

Looking for some great puppy toys?

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a wonderful experience. The animal's cute face and lovely puppy smell will make any dog lover smile, plus there's the hours of entertainment that you'll have playing with the pet and watching him learn about the world.

There are a number of items you'll need to get for your new pooch - a dog collar and ID tag are essential, while things like dog crates, beds and treats will also be necessary.

The importance of puppy toys

There's no doubt that puppies love to chew - and they will gnaw on just about anything they can get their teeth on.

While having a good selection of puppy chew toys won't guarantee that your shoes, furniture and children's toys are safe from your pup's pearly whites, it will help to prevent problems.

Puppy toys are also ideal for keeping your little bundle of fur busy. Playing is a way for dogs to develop their senses and learn; it also provides exercise.

You should also consider your dog's breed, as they all have different playing habits. For example, retriever dogs will like to have soft toys to carry around, while terriers will want something that they can pounce on and shake. Meanwhile, herding dogs will need to do a lot of running.

  • Chew toys and puppy teething toys - These are often made from heavy-duty rubber and give your pup a way to exercise his jaw and keep his mind occupied. 
  • Tug toys - Pulling games are fun for both you and your dog. The range includes items with plenty of grip and rope especially made for dog toys.
  • Fetch toys - Playing fetch with your pup is a great way to get him to exercise. Just about any toy can be used for the game.

It is generally recommended that your puppy should be allowed access to its chew toys at all times. However, the dog should think of all other toys as belonging to the human. This means they are only brought out during play times, and put away otherwise. Doing this will help to reinforce that humans are the pup's pack leaders.