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Dog Treats

Dog Treats

We all know that a dog’s favourite thing (apart from disembowelling the furniture) is to chew and eat. Besides our great selection of dog toys that make great presents we’ve also got a great selection of dog treats available to you.

From rawhide to training treats and baked goods we’ve got a wide choice to choose from. The most important and unique thing about what we have on offer here is that each and every product is natural and healthy. We’re huge fans of only providing our pets with what we trust are good quality and will not only fulfil their entertainment needs, but also their health needs too. We know you feel the same way and you can trust that our products are of the quality you expect.

We’ve tried and tested each one of the dog treats we have on offer and if we don’t think they’re suitable or high quality then we don’t put them onto our virtual shelves. With this in mind you can feel free to choose whatever treat you think your pet pooch will love as their gift knowing that it’s got nothing but good stuff in the ingredients.

Our popular baked goods from Pet Bakery come in an interesting variety of flavours and we also have a range of hypoallergenic dog treats as well as those that are good for keeping the teeth clean and gums healthy.

Although we’re offering you the best quality we’re also offering you those products at a reasonable price too. So you can be sure that the dog treat you’re buying your K9 pet as a gift isn’t going to break the bank.