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Dog Gates

Dog Gates

Not everyone wants their K9 buddy to have a completely free roam of the house. This is especially true when you’re not around as we’re all well aware of the potential consequences of a dog home alone. Dog doors are a great way of segregating the house safely leaving certain rooms and areas your dog can and can’t venture into.

All our products have been tested and passed our rigorous quality assurance. All provided by Savic we know the quality is excellent with strong rubber, twist and tighten fixings and variable heights available all with fast delivery. Each door is easy to open and close with a safe catch that won’t get fingers caught or be easy to open by clever dogs! We also have an option for extra wide doorways too. The Savic Dog Park Deluxe doubles up as both a pen and a room divider for even larger spaces. So no matter what you need to divide up, we’ve got a dog door that can do it.

Is there any DIY required?

Nope! No drilling required what so ever. These dog doors are easy to put up, easy to fix strongly into position and equally as simple to take back down and stow away. There is one exception though – our Savic outdoor dog gate and door does require some drilling, as it attaches securely and permanently to a wall or doorway.

What else do I need to consider?

We recommend you not only consider the height of your dog, but also the potential height they can jump! Try holding his favourite toy above his head and play with him, getting him to jump on the spot as high as possible – this should give you an idea of how high he might be able to jump! Finally, it may be worth considering the potential run-up he may have. For example, if you’re putting your gate at the end of a hallway which means the hallway could potential become a good, long run-up for a canine door vault – we recommend possibly a higher gate!