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Puppy Collars & Leads

Puppy Collars & Leads

Specifically designed for puppies

When buying a new puppy, some of the essentials include buying a collar and lead. After all, you don’t want your new pup to go missing or wander off alone! You’ll be pleased to know that we stock a wide variety to suit all dog’s (and owner’s!) tastes. Given that your puppy will be growing and changing size, we’d recommend starting with something simple to begin with.

We offer some lead and collar sets which means you get the matching set in one go, or with some brands we sell them separately. The most popular range is Red Dingo – they have a wide array of designs and colours. Most are soft and strong and come with adjustable fittings to meet the size of your puppy.

We do also offer a retractable lead, so if you want to give them some freedom to play but you want to keep your puppy secure, this is a good choice. These come in two styles, the classic and the comfort.

Don’t forget to also think about getting a dog tag for your new puppy, we can have them engraved with you and your dog’s details so if they ever do go missing you have more chance of being reunited!