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Car Beds

Car Beds

When travelling in the car with your dog you’ll want to ensure that they’re as comfortable as possible, while also ensuring that they’re secure and unable to interfere with the operation of the vehicle. This is where our extensive range of car dog beds comes into play; offering a selection that runs all the way from basic waterproof seat covers, to more comprehensive and secure products like dog crates.

Breadth of choice is essential to making an informed decision; and this is no different when it comes to finding the ideal product for the safety and comfort of your hound. To better aid your selection, we stock a wide range of products, from a comprehensive range of manufacturers. This way, no matter what size or breed your dog, or specification of your car, you’ll find the car dog bed that best suits your individual needs.

Those with larger pooches like a Newfoundland or St. Bernard may find a water proof car mat in the boot or on the backseat of their car may better facilitate their needs. Owners with dogs more the size of a Lakeland Terrier or Beagle may prefer to utilise a booster seat or travel cage installed over the back seats; keeping them safe and secure.   

If you require any further assistance in making a selection, or would like a further breakdown of any of the car dog beds that we offer, here at Muddy Paws, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful and knowledgeable customer services team.