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Danish Design

Danish Design

Everything Danish Design produce is designed by Susanne Mortensen who believes in the little things in life. She takes detail very seriously which shows in their products. Danish Design products are created with style, comfort and functionality in mind. We’ve had Danish Design dog products on our shelves since Muddy Paws started. We’re a big fan of the brand if we didn’t think their products were great, we wouldn’t be offering them to you. From their very beautiful dog beds to their functional dog coats and great toys we love their range of products and they can all be found here. We have over 60 lines available with all the sizes and colours that go with them.

Beautiful products for beautiful dogs!

We stock ranges from all of the best pet accessories brands, but few look quite as good as Danish Design’s. As the name may suggest, these products have been made with a real design focus, so you know your canine friend’s accessories will fit great wherever they are in the home.

That’s not to say that quality has been forgotten, either – whether it’s a bed or a tug toy you’re buying, you can be sure it has been made to last using the best materials.

Dog beds

If you’re after somewhere cosy for your canine to kip, you have plenty of options in the Danish Design range. You might want to consider one of the soft and warm Bobble Slumber beds, for example – available in two stunning colours, it can be placed almost anywhere.

After something a little quirkier? Go for something from the Vintage selection instead – there are various interesting designs to choose from.

There are also plenty of cushions and duvets to ensure maximum comfort at all times.

Dog toys

Does your dog like playing with tug toys? Take a look at the various soft but strong options we keep in stock. There’s no sign of rubber here – Danish Design toys tend instead to be made using more forgiving materials, like corduroy. Perfect for sensitive and developing mouths!

Dog coats

What’s better than being warm? Being warm and stylish of course! Your dog can be both with the help of some stunning coats and jackets. For the traditionally rural look, consider the Tweed Dog Coat or, if you’re looking for some winter protection for your active pooch, you might prefer the 2-in-1 Waterproof Coat.

Always here to help   

If you’d like to know more about any of Danish Design’s products, feel free to get in touch. We can assure you everything is made to the highest standards, but if you don’t quite know what to go for, we’re happy to advise.