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Dog Food, Treats & Chews

Dog Food, Treats & Chews

What’s different between us and other retailers when it comes to dog treats? Quality - alongside healthiness. We give our dogs treats for being good, well-behaved, as training aids and just because we love them. Overall doggie treats make up a large part of our pet’s diet – some more than others. So it’s important that what you’re putting inside them is good for them. That’s why we strongly believe in providing you with the best, at a reasonable price, so you can trust that the product you buy is going to be good for your family pet.

Moderation is everything and remember, you shouldn’t replace a strong, healthy and nutritious diet with any sort of snack or treat. Combine these meals with a good long walk at least twice a day and he or she will remain healthy and strong throughout their lives.

With health in mind we provide a great range of natural dog treats. From meat such as lamb through to more exotic dog snacks such as pies, liver and Cornish Pasty treats. Everything here is natural with no additives made from organic sources of food. So you know that you’re giving your K-9 the best. We even have hypoallergenic dog treats.

We also have a great range of chews and snacks. Rawhide is great for chewing as it’s good for their teeth and gums as well as lasting more than five minutes! Misfits from Pedigree also offer a super range of snacky treats that vary in texture, size and flavour.

From ‘nasher sticks’ to bites and twists we also stock chew bones that have specific dental properties designed to help clean and maintain your pet’s mouth, teeth and gums. Our ‘crème of the crop’ is our Burns Venison products. They go down a treat with all dogs and we have ears, heart and tongues available.

Treats for training are obviously one of the most commonly consumed type of dog treat. We have a range specifically with health in mind, so you don’t have to worry that your dog is piling on the pounds as you teach them new tricks and obedience.

Finally, you’ll also find some handy treat bags for those long walks out and even home training. They save filling pockets with crumbs and bits of dog treat!


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