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Dog beds

Dog beds

Looking for a dog bed? Our range comes in all manner of shapes and sizes, just like our dogs do. That's why we cater for large dogs as well as smaller breeds. Our Country Dog range is particularly suitable for larger breeds especially those who like to sprawl out! This makes it important that you choose the one that suits your pet’s needs, not only for their comfort and to please your aesthetic interests, but for their health and wellbeing too.

At Muddy Paws, we have something to suit everyone’s companion canine. Not only your dog’s needs, but yours too with our wide selection of bedding from the practical varieties to more luxury and designer choices and all from top brand names.

Take our soft beds for example; all available in a range of cosy fabrics from fleece to faux suede, to keep your pooch warm, snug and comfortable. On the other hand if you’re looking for something more rugged and sturdy, look to our hand-crafted wicker beds made from all natural materials.

The soft beds and the cushions that go in them are completely machine washable. We even offer smell-proof bedding which come with a bacteriostatic finish (a special finish that helps prevent the growth or multiplication of bacteria) if you’re concerned about doggie odours in the home.