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Dog Training

Dog Training

Patience, tenacity and consistency are probably the three key ingredients you need when training your dog. Of course, the right tools for the job also help!

Whether you’re training on the lead, sit, stay or trying some special tricks you’ll find everything you need to help you and your pet achieve your goals. We stock all the major brands such as Clix, Ruffwear, Hurtta and Halti because we trust them and we think their products are excellent. Each item you see on the site is tried and tested before being made available for purchase. This way, you know you can rely on them to perform well and continue to be reliable and good value for money.

Like all our product ranges, we strive for quality in the items we sell. This goes for our dog training products too. The difference is, we provide these great aids and training tools at a very reasonable price so you’re bank balance won’t be barking instructions, just you and your dog!

Our dog harness collection covers all sorts of sizes and purposes, from small dogs through to much larger dogs. There are full body harnesses through to chest harnesses, appropriate for training as well as all the way through to the adventurous rock climbers.

Our training aids category covers all the essentials to make training for you and your dog as productive, fun and straight forward as possible. From treat bags to training kits by leading brands that provide all the gear and information you need in one easy to use package. We also have a great training dummy from Clix.

Clickers and whistles are incredibly effective training aids and prompts if used correctly. We provide a range of whistles and clickers from reliable brands. Not only are they an important training tool but they also allow you control over your K-9 friend in the home too.

Suitable for different training needs and abilities all our training leads and leashes are tested before being placed on the site. From professional training such as military or police through to everyday obedience, we have a lead that can aid you and your dog to achieve more. These leads are specially designed for training purposes. They often come with far more flexibility in terms of length adjustment, ruggedness and durability than regular leads.

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