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Dog Crates & Cages

Dog Crates & Cages

Crates can be used to train your puppy, as well as for transporting them in the car, or to simply keep them in one place if they’re a bit boisterous and you have guests arriving. Our most popular ones are made by Savic and Doggie Solutions.

Our crates come in a range of materials. Soft crates are made from a steel frame and a machine washable outer fabric. These are perfect for taking your dog in the car, perhaps for a vet visit or just to keep the dog contained in one place so they don’t distract you whilst driving.

We also offer a crate especially for cars, with a sloping side so they fit in the boot. Our other popular ones are puppy pens which are mostly used to help train your dog from an early age. If you’re not sure which crate or size you need then call us on 0845 362 9663 and the Muddy Good Team will be able to help you.

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