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Dog Collars & Tags

Dog Collars & Tags

Our range covers all sizes, including tags, leather and patterned collars

Whenever a dog is out in public, the law requires the animal to wear a dog collar and dog tags inscribed with the owner's contact details. In case your pet runs away or gets lost, these items will immediately alert those who find the animal that he has an owner who is looking for him.

While ID chips are useful for identification purposes - especially if a pet loses his collar and dog name tags - they do not fulfil the legal requirement. In addition, chips must be scanned with a special device, meaning that the person who finds the animal will need to bring it to a veterinarian or contact the local dog warden.

However, if your pet is wearing his dog ID tags, the good samaritan who finds him may be able to simply read your contact details and get in touch.

At Muddy Paws, we know how important it is to keep our canine companions safe and properly identified. That's why we offer a broad range of stylish collars and name tags for you to choose from.

Which dog collar to get?

When shopping for dog collars, the right choice will depend on your own personal preferences and what looks best on your pet.

Nylon collars are one popular option because they are strong and easy to clean. They come in a wide range of colours and patterned dog collars are also available with designs including polka dots, stripes or logos.

Leather dog collars are another option. These offer a classic elegance for those who want their pups to be as fashionable as possible. Plus they're durable and long-lasting. Some may also include braided, woven or debossed designs for a bit of added panache.

For training purposes, you may want to consider a choke or half-choke collar. Meanwhile, glowing collars with LED lights can be good for safety when taking your canine companion out for night-time walks.

Of course, products range from small to large dog collars, so be sure to select an item that will fit your animal comfortably. When your pup wears his collar, you should be able to put two fingers between the strap and his neck.

In addition, you should also consider getting a dog harness for controlling your pet. These are safer and more secure options, compared to simply attaching the lead to your dog's collar.

Selecting dog tags

Dog tags come in an array of materials, colours and designs. This means you can select an item that matches your pet's personality and style.

Metal tags are the most common choice, as they are hard-wearing and resilient. They come in various shapes, while some include enamelled decorations on one side.

ID capsules are another option. These are small tubes that contain a piece of paper. They are a good choice if you'd prefer your contact details weren't on display or if your information changes regularly.

What's more, dog tags are available with messages such as "I've been chipped" and vet tags can also be provided with details of your pet's veterinarian or medical conditions.

For additional safety in the dark, you may also want to get a flashing tag for your canine. These dog collar lights will help to ensure that your pet can be seen at night.

Muddy Paws - everything your pup needs

No matter what breed of dog you have, or the style of accessories you prefer, you're sure to find the perfect dog collars and dog tags with help from Muddy Paws.

As dog owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to find high-quality products for our pets. That's why we've brought together some of the best products on the market - all at great-value prices. Other items in our range include dog coats and clothing , beds, crates and toys.

To find out more, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We'll be happy to provide advice and assistance about which product will be best for your pooch. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with our latest news and special offers.


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