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Grip Trex Boots

Boots & Shoes

Boots & Shoes

Protect your active canine with a set of quality performance dog boots and dog shoes. Our range is suitable for winter time and rough terrain, as well as for temporary measures like healing after an operation or injury.

Before you decide which boots are right for your dog, it’s worth bearing in mind what purpose you want the boots to serve. If it’s to stop a dog slipping or scratching a floor then you’ll need different ones to if they are for operation recoveries, and different again if for icy winter weather.

Some dog boots can help speed up the recovery process after an operation as they reduce the risk of any wound being damaged. They are also used to protect your dog from cutting their feet on sharp gravel and stones. Some people use them to prevent their dog from scratching wooden floors at home or even on boats!

Our range of dog boots spans from disposable ones through to heavy duty Grip Trex Bark ‘n’ Boots which have an upper inspired by human shoes and a high performance Vibram® sole. The other type of boots which are popular in winter time are the Polar Trex Boots which are designed to keep your dog’s feet warm and prevent them slipping in icy weather conditions.

If you’re not sure which type of dog boots would be most suitable for your canine companion then we’d be happy to help.