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Spare Bed Covers & Cushions

Spare Bed Covers & Cushions

What use is a dog bed for comfort without cushions and covers?! As well as providing a great range of sensibly priced dog beds, we've also got a great range of covers and, if you prefer something a little less enclosed than a typical dog bed, cushions too.

We've got a range of great cushions for you from some leading brands including Danish Design and Earthbound. For lovers (humans and dogs alike!) of more traditional wicker baskets and bedding there are faux sheepskin covers available for these too. Sizes are available from small (approximately 25 inches - suitable for Jack Russells, Chihuahuas, Pugs and Terrier size dogs) right through to extra extra large (meauring about 42 inches - great for much larger breeds such as big Alsations, Ridgebacks and Pyrenees). Our designs vary, so whatever your taste, we're sure there'll be something here for you.

Danish Design cushions feature more contemporary patterns and colours while Earthbound and Pets and Leisure offer cushions more in line with the country going and traditional easthetic styles.

All our prices are very good and the quality of our products are excellent. We test everything we offer you and if our resident K9 quality tester offers the woof of approval, then so do we!