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As well as your more typical dog beds found amongst our other categories, we also have an extensive collection of alternative doggie comfort zones. From extra small all the way up to jumbo we've got a great selection of dog mattresses. Ideal for mobility as well as putting in the car or acting as a waterproof base all our mattresses are thick, warm and made from quality material such as faux leather, sheepskin and fleece.

Watch your happy K9 friend sink into a thick Hugo and Hennie Box Duvet or roll in luxury (tongue out as they do) on a new Joules stripe duvet mattress. Another popular choice is our very patriotic range of deep duvets and pillows featuring the Union Jack from Hugo and Hennie. Available from extra small through to large they also come with a waterproof internal liner.

All our mattresses are machine washable with easy to remove covers allowing you to keep them clean and pong free without any trouble at all. From classic, to country to contemporary and modern there's a style that will suit your tastes and interior. Not only that but your dog is more than likely going to look great lying on them too!