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Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

As much as we love our K9 friends cleaning up after them and keeping them clean can be a challenge! From keeping the garden looking good, keeping away all the hair that so often builds up and eliminating those stains and odours that sometimes occur we want to make this process as quick and easy as possible for you. With this in mind, we’ve carefully selected and tested a range of products which we think are good value for money but at the same time, work.

Our household cleaning products designed specifically for dog owners are all from ‘Simple Solution’ and ‘Ancol’ who’s products we think really work and do so well. From lint rollers through to garden spot removers and stain removers we’ve got everything you’ll need as a dog owner to make sure your home stays the way you want it even with a messy pooch around!

Using clever beneficial bacteria and enzymes the Simple Solution stain and odour remover works to remove the stain and smell which is great for puppy training and for ensuring your dog doesn’t mark the same place twice. The product is also perfectly safe to use around dogs and the human residents of the house unlike some generic household cleaning products which might not be safe for your pets.

Remember, every product that goes onto our virtual shelves is checked and tested by us before we make it available to you. This is because if we don’t think the product works or we don’t think the quality is high enough, we don’t think you will either. Excellent quality dog products at reasonable prices.