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Dog Flaps

Dog Flaps

It’s fair to say most dogs can be indecisive at times. One minute they’re falling asleep on the sofa, the next they’re itching to get out and play. Then, when the rain starts and boredom sets in, it’s back to the house for more comfort and cuddles.

This is exactly why dog flaps are so useful – they allow your dog to come and go as they please, meaning you’re not constantly having to get up to open the door for them.

Handy features

Just like the cat flaps most people will be familiar with, these handy inventions can be retrofitted to existing doors and walls using the instructions provided. They come with security measures too, so you needn’t worry about any unwanted visitors, and transparent panels for better visibility.

Choosing the right size

The dog flap you choose will depend on a number of factors, the most important being the size of your dog. A gap designed for a Chihuahua is unlikely to suit a big Labrador! Pick carefully between the sizes we have available to ensure your dog can make it through comfortably.

It’s also worth considering the thickness as some dog flaps are better suited to certain types of doors and walls than others. Choosing the wrong one could mean a difficult installation or a bad fit!