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Mugs & Coasters

Mugs & Coasters

Being a nation of coffee and tea lovers, we know that you or whomever you’re buying a gift for will love our great collection of cups, mugs and coasters. Of course, they’re all doggie themed and although we may not have poured our favourite brew into each and every one of them (like we thoroughly test all our other items) we are completely satisfied that they are quality products. Each one is made from quality materials, feel good in the hand and have strong handles. So we know you’ll love them too.

You’ll also find sets available – mugs and cups that come in a coaster set, so you or your gift recipient can proudly display their themed beverage vessel in matched style anywhere.

Another reason we know you’ll love our mugs and coasters is because most of them come with a comically whimsical saying that we’re sure you’ll be at one with being a dog owner or dog lover. Take our “3rd person in marriage” mug for example.

Not only do the sayings vary, but the mug and cup shapes and height vary too. From smaller mugs, to wider and tall ones, our collection is full of choice.