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How to Measure for a Dog Coat

If you're looking for a new coat for your dog, but you'e not sure which size you need, then look no further! In our handy video below, we show you exactly how to measure your dog for the different types of coats on the market.

Video Transcript:

Hi there, here at Muddy Paws we sell around 5000 different dog coats every year and the biggest problem we find our customers face is how to measure their dog correctly for the different types of dog coat. Rather frustratingly different dog coat manufacturers require measurements to be taken in a different way. Some require collar to tail, some require withers to tail, some require shoulder blades to tail and some require a chest measurement. The following video will tell you exactly how to do it.

Some manufacturers ask you to measure their coats by taking the measurement from the collar to the tip / start of the tail. So simply run the tape measure from the collar all the way down the centre of their back to the start of their tail.

Some coat manufacturers ask you to take the measurement from the withers to the start of their tail, and the withers is the centre of the shoulder blades, so it’s just here. And you literally take the measurement and you run it all the way along the back like this, and in Treacle’s case he actually needs a 70cm coat.

Some manufacturers like Ruffwear for example ask you to take a girth measurement or a chest measurement of your dog. In order to take this measurement correctly you need to measure the widest point of their rib cage which is just behind their front legs. In Treacle’s case for example you’re going to be measuring around like this, and we can see that he needs an 85cm measurement.