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Company of Animals Size Chart

Take a look at what sizes Company of Animals recommend for their great range of dog products for a myriad of breeds. You can also find a full range of Company of Animals products on Muddy Paws.

Company of Animals Size Chart 1

Company of Animals Size Chart 2

‡ = Not recommended

S = Small

M = Medium

L = Large

XL = Extra large

XXL = Extra extra large

Sizes listed above are for typical adult dogs - bitches or juveniles may need a size smaller. It is important to have the correct fitting for every dog - more information on packaging.

BASKERVILLE - Height must allow mouth to open in panting; length must have 1cm clear from end of nose

BOOMER BALL - Larger sizes than those recommended are also suitable. 500mm/20˝ for zoo animals and exceptionally large dogs

SMART COLLAR - Circumference size 1 16 - 25cm, size 2 25 - 31cm, size 3 31 - 40cm, size 4 40 - 56cm, size 5 56 - 66cm