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Mark & Chappell Serene-UM Calm Tablets Xtra

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Serene-UM Calm Tablets Xtra
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Product description

Naturally Calming Tablets for Anxious or Aggressive Larger Breed Dogs 

These tablets can be crumbled into your dog’s food or given whole. They are designed to provide natural calming effects for dogs that suffer from aggression, hyperactivity, separation anxiety, fireworks, thunderstorms, car sickness and excessive barking.  The Calm Extra is specifically designed for larger breed dogs. These tablets are recommended by vets to calm and de-tress your dog. The amount given depends on the weight of your dog, please refer to the instructions on the back of the packaging. The tablets are suitable for dogs weighing 20-60kg.


  • Natural calming tablets for anxious dogs
  • Can be taken before a specific event e.g. fireworks night
  • Contains 45 tablets
  • For animal use only
  • Recommended by vets
  • Non-sedating, just relaxing
  • Designed for larger breed dogs weighing 20-60kg

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