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Travelling with your Dog

Oscar Stays at the Marriott Meon Valley

It's been a while since we have taken Oscar away with us to a hotel, so I thought this would be the ideal opportunity to give you a basic run-down of everything you need to take with you for a short break away with your four-legged friend!

The Marriott Meon ValleyWe were asked to stay at the Marriott Meon Valley, just outside Southampton for the night and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out a dog-friendly hotel. Whilst the hotel do not advertise being able to take dogs, they said that they would be happy for Oscar to come and stay also so long as he wasn't too big!

So my very simple shopping list for a short hotel break with your dog would be:-

  1. Rememeber to take your dog's bed - this is crucial as it means that there is something familiar when you get to your new surroundings. I took Oscar's waterproof bed with us as even though the sun has been shining for the last few days, spaniels have a habit our finding the smallest puddle in the biggest forest and getting totally drenched. I was also confident that if Oscar was wet then it would not damage the hotel carpets as is 100% waterproof. 
  2. If you are planning on feeding your dog whilst away (which hopefully you will be!) then remember to take a food bowl with you (and some food). If you use dry food, there are some great products like the Ruffwear Kibble Kaddie for storing and carrying dried food, or there are smaller cinch top travel bowls available.
  3. ! water bowl - I took our Road Refresher bowl with us. For those of you who have not seen these ingenious bowls, it was invented and taken on to Dragon's Den by Natalie Ellis. The Dragons did not like her idea, however her travel bowl has gone on to be one of the top seller's in the UK and she even created one specially for Barack Obama when he was elected to the White House! The great thing about these travel bowls is that the water will not slop out and it also has little velcro attachments so you can use it in the back of your car and it won't slide around.  
  4. Getting Ready to go!It's always a good idea to take one or two toys away with you - I opted for Oscar's faithful pheasant and a tennis ball!  
  5. It goes without saying that you should have a lead and some poo bags with you (I didn't think I would be very popular if Oscar left any parcels on the golf course!)

When we arrived at the hotel, the staff could not have been more helpful and even helped me to get Oscar settled in his new abode. The room was spacious and we put his bed in a quiet corner and I put his food and water bowls in the bathroom floor in case of any spillages. He soon remembered where to find them.

Home from HomeThe night went peacefully, although the cheeky chap did try and jump on the bed in the middle of the night, which nearly made me jump out of my skin! Then sadly it was time to go home (boo hoo).

Rupert Brown

Rupert owns and runs Muddy Paws with his wife Emma. Having set up the company when Oscar was a puppy 8 years ago (the famous chief tester here at Muddy Paws HQ), Rupert has lots of experience when it comes to looking after a canine companion. Visit Rupert's Google+ profile.

Rupert Brown

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