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The Science behind the dog bed

Dog Gone Smart Dog BedsI'm sure we're not the only ones who have noticed that, no matter how many times we wash them, our dogs still end up stinking! Even worse, that lingering canine stench often ends up being transported around the house, to ultimately be transferred to anything that your unaware pooch makes prolonged contact with. It almost goes without saying that one of the likeliest resting places for 'eau de chien' will be your dog's bed or basket, as it will also most likely be your Pooch's favourite chill-out spot.

Needless to say, when we heard that Dog Gone SmartTM had been designing a range of high-tech dog beds and mats that are not only a pleasure for your dog to use, but a simultaneous relief for your senses, we thought we'd better take a look. In this article, we're going to have a look at the technology at work behind Dog Gone SmartTM, and more importantly, examine how this technology can enhance both your life, and that of your loyal pooch!

Dog Gone Smart Dog Beds

First of all, let's have a look at the less high-tech, but no-less-impressive technology leveraged solely for the comfort your dog; the materials that Dog Gone SmartTM dog beds are manufactured from. The onus from the start has been on solid construction, from quality materials. The Dog Gone SmartTM beds and mats that we stock are manufactured from hand-sewn, high strength cotton canvas fabrics, of a quality that you would expect to find on human furniture.

The filling for these dog beds and mats are of a similarly high quality; they have been designed and used because they maintain the original shape of the product, allowing for a pleasant, comforting elevation for your pooch, as well as being relaxingly snug. The top-grade siliconised polyfill utilised in the stuffing also reduces bunching, further increasing comfort, and minimising the chance that your dog will be able to easily chew on whichever product you choose.

The really smart, scientific work Dog Gone SmartTM have put into the development of their products is best demonstrated through their proprietary Repelz-ItTM Nano-protection technology; which protects your fragile human nose from the ravages of embedded dog-stink!

The tip of this particular technology iceberg is the resistance that's built into Repelz-ItTM Nano-protection technology; the water and stain resistance means that Repelz-ItTM products are much easier to clean, any accidents that your pooch may have on a Dog Gone SmartTM dog bed or mat are a cinch to remove. You can easily wipe or wash messes from a Repelz-ItTM treated surface, dramatically extending the life span of the product, and reducing unpleasant doggy odour.

Repelz-ItTM also features a cutting edge bacteriostatic element, which prevents the adherence of bacteria and odours to the fabric of the dog bed or mat, extending the cleanliness and lifespan of Dog Gone SmartTM dog beds and mats even further.

Crucially, despite all of the advanced chemistry and research, Repelz-ItTM remains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulphonate (PFOS) free. These two chemicals are suspected carcinogens, with studies in the last few years concluding that prolonged exposure can produce harmful side effects. While these two substances can be found in many other 'stay-clean' or 'stain-repellent' products, Dog Gone SmartTM elected to go the extra distance to guarantee the continued well being of your pooch.

The final element of Repelz-ItTM that makes it a must-use technology for dog owners is it's impregnation into the fabric of Dog Gone SmartTM products; making it that much harder for it to be removed as a result of everyday wear and tear, and allowing it to last for several years of continuous usage, or up to 50 machine wash cycles, whichever comes first! As the Repelz-ItTM has been impregnated into the fabric, as opposed to coated upon it, the fabric also retains its natural softness, texture and total breathability.




Rupert Brown

Rupert owns and runs Muddy Paws with his wife Emma. Having set up the company when Oscar was a puppy 8 years ago (the famous chief tester here at Muddy Paws HQ), Rupert has lots of experience when it comes to looking after a canine companion. Visit Rupert's Google+ profile.

Rupert Brown

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