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The most unusual Christmas presents for dogs

Dogs don’t have wishlists, nor do they write letters to Santa, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to get involved in the excitement that is Christmas. Good dogs, just like good boys and girls, deserve a reward or two – that’s why 92 per cent of pet owners will be buying a present for their pooch this year.

cute puppy with a Christmas hat and presents

There are loads of great toys and treats out there, but we love the more unique ones – they're the most fun! Here are six of the most unusual dog Christmas presents you can buy.

Dog stocking

The gifts stuffed inside your Christmas stocking will more than likely be the first you open on the morning of the 25th. Stockings aren’t just for humans though - your dog can have its very own! Be sure to fill it with a few treats and small toys, and then, of course, hang it with care out of your pooch’s reach.

This particular stocking comes in a tartan design – perfect for the West Highland Terrier in your family.

Christmas cracker

Christmas dinner can be torturous for dogs – you get to eat all that nice food, and they have to sit there and look on in envy. Then there are the crackers; not many dogs are fond of loud bangs.

There’s one way to solve both these problems: give them their own dog Christmas cracker, which is silent and full of high-quality tasty treats. They’ll waste no time wolfing them down!

Just like traditional crackers for humans, your dog will find a hat and a joke inside too. The hat will make for a great family Christmas photo, but we can’t promise they’ll understand the joke.

Snowflake scarf

Snow may not be guaranteed, but that Christmas Day walk is bound to be chilly if you don’t wrap yourself up well. Don’t forget that man’s best friend gets cold too – why not buy them a stylish scarf? It's not as toasty a thick winter coat, but not all dogs like to wear jumpers. This scarf, however, simply slips over their head.

The snowflake design looks chic; the other dogs in the park are sure to be envious.

Lump of coal

This is one piece of coal your dog will enjoy, as it’s a mint-flavoured toy! Unlike that sad old tennis ball they love to tear apart, this toy is incredibly tough. It’s ideal for throwing across the park as it bounces, but your dog will love chewing it too. Plus, that minty flavour will help freshen their breath.

What’s more, this ball also floats, so if your dog enjoys fetching toys from the water, this could be the perfect Christmas present.

Luxury advent calendar

Every day in December is exciting when you have a treat to look forward to. Dogs aren’t allowed chocolate coins, but they can enjoy the special biscuits from this luxury advent calendar. The treats behind each window vary from day to day, and include cheese and apple training treats and biscuits for both morning and bedtime.

You’ll have to open each door for them, of course. They'll be too tempted to scoff the lot otherwise!

Santa Meerkat

Santa is often portrayed in many different ways, but rarely as a Meerkat. If you, or your pet, are a fan of these funny little animals, this soft toy is ideal. The squeaker inside is bound to keep your dog entertained for hours on end, which can come in handy if you need to distract them from opening other people's gifts!

We hope that our list has helped you find a great unusual gift for your pet this year. If they didn’t quite do it for you though, you can find loads of other present ideas here. Don’t forget to pick something up for the dog-lover in your life too. Have a woofing great Christmas.

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