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How to clean your dog's ears

As a dog groomer I'm always getting asked how to properly clean a dog's ear, whether this is just weekly cleaning or more deeper cleans for infections.

How to clean your dog's earsCleaning your dog's ears is essential to keep your dogs ears free from any possible infection. The main signs to look out for are any signs of infection are seen below. Seek advice from your vet if you feel your dog may be suffering from any form of infection.

  • A wax build up
  • Excess debris
  • Inflammation
  • Abnormal smell

Use the right tools

To regularly clean your dog's ears, all you need is an ear cleaner especially formulated for dogs such as ear wipes or the Furminator ear cleaner and some cotton wool. Place a small amount of Ear Cleaner on some cotton woolVery simply put a small amount of the liquid on to the cotton wool (never directly squirt the liquid into the dogs ears unless advised to by a vet for a more deeper clean, which will be explained later on) hold your dogs ear back and begin to rub the cotton wool all around the inside of the ear making sure you get in between all the grooves. Don't be scared to place the cotton wool deeper into the ear canal for a slightly deeper clean but ensure to not hurt your dog and go too deep. You should be able to see the dirt on the cotton wool once you are finished If it's too bad, simply repeat the process with a clean bit of cotton wool and bit of ear cleaner. Once you are finished wipe any excess that may be on the ears with a dry piece of cotton wool. This routine is best repeated once a week.

Using liquid for infections

As mentioned, you should not directly put any liquid into your dog's ear as this can be damaging to the ear drum. However dogs who do have a more serious infections, you will be directed by your vet to Dab ear with Cotton Woolplace liquid into the ears for a deeper clean. This is done by squirting a very small amount of the liquid into the ear canal. Once you are holding your dogs eat back simply massage the bottom of the ear in small circular motions to ensure the liquid does its work around the infected area inside of the ear. Don't worry if you do accidently put too much liquid into the ear, your dog will shake their head to let you know so then simply use a dry bit of cotton wool to soak up some of the excess. Once you have massaged the ear for approx 1 minute, use a dry bit of cotton wool and clean out the ear as much as possible, you may have to do this a couple of times to insure the inner ear is clean and dry.

So to help prevent any problems arising follow these simple tips for healthy clean ears.

Tips to Prevent Ear Infections

  • Keep ear hair trimmed short - Ask your groomer, do not try this yourself.
  • Pluck only what comes out easily with your fingers.
  • Drying the ear after every bath or swim.
  • Never use cotton buds to clean inside the ear. Only soft tissue such as cotton wool.
  • Always make time to clean your dogs ears at least once a week.




Charlotte Rose Stanton

Charlotte owns and runs Pooches Paws, a dog grooming and pet care company based in Sussex. Charlotte's life-long dream has always been to work with animals. She has a Diploma in Advanced Care of Canines and Felines. She also trained with a trusted ABTD School of Dog Training & Behaviour. Charlotte has a rather interesting range of pets, including two cheeky Chinchillas and some very spoilt mice and degus. She also has three gorgeous dogs. Visit Pooches Paws or Charlotte's Google+ profile to find out more.

Charlotte Rose Stanton


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