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Top five things that happen at Crufts every year

1. Fluffy fur

The pooches that attend Crufts are always well groomed and end up sporting hairstyles better than most people we know. But there’s always one dog that’s a lot poofier than the rest. We think this might be a competition in itself, but this guy win’s hands down!

2. The human costumes

Crufts is obviously a very important competitition to all owners that enter their dogs. But some have no shame and will do anything to ensure their performance stands out and is top notch. This sometimes involves out-there costumes such as this gladiator costume.

3. The doggie costumes

Every year you will spot at least ten dogs wearing ridiculous outfits that their owners have picked for them. Most of which will consist of crazy patterns and colours that hurt our eyes. Of course they don’t wear them whilst competiting but it’s imperitive that one looks fabulous on the sidelines, don’t you think?

4. Poop

It’s only natural for dogs to need to relieve themselves just as we all do. But ideally, there’s a time and a place for it. In the middle of your obstacle run on TV at Crufts is probably not it. In 2012, this pooch took an ill-timed toilet break resulting in her disqualification. Every year since we’ve secretly hoped it would happen again.

5.The brilliant photos

Without fail, every year there will be some great photos from Crufts. Whether they be of a small long haired pooch mid-run or a poodle mid-jump, we always enjoy reeling through the pictures once the competition is over.

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