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The Story of Spud: Pup Idol Winner 2013

The Pup Idol 2013 Winner was chosen at random this week, and the prize went to a lovely little dog called Spud. Here was his owner, Anneliese Orr's response when we told her Spud had been crowned the champion.

Pup Idol winner

Fighting with cancer

Wow! Im so happy that my gorgeous Mr Spud has won the Muddy Paws competition....happier than you know, because he is in fact dying of lung cancer. When I opened your email just now, I started to cry as he means the world to me and I have treasured him for eight years since he was a puppy of 8 weeks. I am still treasuring him and will continue to do so until he passes.
He is an amazing dog - he is a little fighter, having lived 1 year and 4 months over the time the vets said he would live. They gave him 3 months to live in June/July 2012 and he is still here with me today, fighting on.

Dinner time

He is a very cheeky boy and very greedy too and sometimes bullies the other dogs away from their food so we have to keep an eye on the little beastie! He loves to chase squirrels and loves nothing more than a big sprout of broccoli, which he is given daily along with his chicken and organic dog food. He also has immune boosting tablets made up of amazing mushroom varieties which are known for their immune healing and boosting properties. I don't know if it is just coincidence as to whether he has/is living for so long or if it's the diet he's been on since he was diagnosed! Whatever it is, the vets are amazed!

A special soul

He is such a special, wonderful soul and this photo that he has won with was taken in Scotland last year - where my boyfriend grew up. In fact, my boyfriend was born in the house just under the rainbow in the background of the photo. It was in fact my boyfriend who took the photo of Spud in the field with the rainbow so I shall be sharing the voucher amongst all our four dogs! It's a special photo and I will be framing it soon.
I dedicate my life to dogs whether they are well or ill, or have behavioural problems or not and there will never be another Mr Spud. My gorgeous ginger boy. x
Thanks so much Muddy Paws, this has made my night :-) x woof from mr spud and his brother russ and step brother and sister - betsy and Oscar and of course, me Anneliese and norman!

Pup Idol Winner and his chums

Spud, Russ, Oscar and Betsy say thank you for their £100 voucher..they have chosen their food and treats from Muddy paws!! Thanks!  xx

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