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The Best Dog Videos

We love dogs! We also love it when our pets do the most outrageous and funny things. So we’ve taken a rifle through YouTube to find our favourite funniest dog videos we thought you would like!

There’s so many that we wanted to list, we had to create a shortlist! If there’s any more you find that would want to share please comment and add a link to the video so everyone can enjoy it!

1. Stupid Dog

Apparently this Lab doesn’t want to share his bone with his foot!


2. Mishka are you stupid? "NOOOOOOOOOO!" - Husky Dog Talking

Clearly, Mishka is not stupid! At least she doesn’t think so!


3. Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

Chasing those rabbits in his sleep! Unfortunately, the wall gets in the way.



I think we should do this with the Oscar our office dog and Muddy Paws product tester!


5. If you like cute dog & baby stuff, you'll love this....

Very cute! This dog is playing the caring parent and giving baby a wash!

6. Very funny dog! Really determined too...[ORIGINAL]

Definitely an ‘ahh’ needed here. Unfortunately the statue isn’t going to through the stick!


7. The world's most funny dog video

To finish, a great compilation video of all sorts of dogs doing very funny things!

Which is your favourite dog video? Let us know in the comments below...

Rupert Brown

Rupert owns and runs Muddy Paws with his wife Emma. Having set up the company when Oscar was a puppy 8 years ago (the famous chief tester here at Muddy Paws HQ), Rupert has lots of experience when it comes to looking after a canine companion. Visit Rupert's Google+ profile.

Rupert Brown

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