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Sitting Down With: Red Dingo - Brand Interview

Red Dingo LogoAt Muddy Paws, we deal with many manufacturers as part of our mission to source and sell the best dog products around. As such, it brings a great deal of pleasure to come across companies that share our passion and dedication when it comes to providing the best equipment and most comfortable lifestyle for pooches worldwide.

Red Dingo is one such company; the quality and exciting design of their tags, harnesses and leashes are always outstanding. We thought it would be interesting to sit down with Andi Himmelsbach, Red Dingo’s Manager of Europe, Middle East and Africa, to discuss their brand in a bit more detail:

Muddy Paws: What is the most important factor when designing your products?

Red Dingo Diamante Bone dog tagRed Dingo: Persistence. It requires persistence to get a good design to market. No matter how good a product looks, it is not a good design if functionality is compromised in order to achieve the right look. Quality is usually a part of functionality.

Take our tags, for example. There were no enamel tags on the market when we started work on ours. First we did the 3D shape, before choosing the material. We chose stainless steel because it would be the most durable.

Then we tried to make it.

... then we tried again.

At any point we could have easily changed the design of the tag, or switched material so that it was easier to make, but that would have either compromised the design or the functionality. Making the tags out of zinc would have been a no brainer, but then the tags would not last long, and the engraving would become unreadable very quickly; rendering the tag non-functional. Two years later we had our first stainless steel tags, in the original 3D shape. All due to our persistence.

The most important factors after persistence are functionality and quality.

Muddy Paws: What is Red Dingo’s brand vision?

Red Dingo: Innovation without compromise. Our products may look the same as others, but once people have used them, they realise there is a difference; most dramatically in quality and durability.
We want to create functional, high quality products, for a good price.

Muddy Paws:  Do you have an office dog? If so, which breed is it?

Red Dingo: Yes, we have several office dogs. One is a border collie/kelpie cross called Cassie, and the other one is a Cockapoo called Wally.

Muddy Paws: From your perspective what is it about Red Dingo that makes you different from any other brand?

Red Dingo Cosmos Orange CollarRed Dingo: We always strive to go beyond the obvious to make a product better. For instance, rather than put a standard side release buckle on our collars, we designed the Bucklebone. These buckles are not only unique and distinctive, they are the strongest buckles on the market.

We also use stainless steel D-rings on our collars. This is not something the customer will see when they buy the product, but they will notice its quality; as well as the fact that it does not rust after they have bought it. Customers will be impressed by the product when they use it.

We also use a denser weave on the edge of the webbing to prevent fraying. Again, not something the customer will notice when they buy the product, but they will be pleased with the collar when they use it.

Our fully stainless steel pet ID tags are the only ones on the market which are fully stainless steel. The tag and the engraving are guaranteed for live. By going to these great lengths we build up a good reputation for quality and durability in the minds of our customers.

Muddy Paws: How did Red Dingo start? What was the inspiration for starting the brand?

Red Dingo: When we started in 2001 there were only plain flat dog tags available. The most exciting tag was a flat stainless steel tag in the shape of a bone. We thought tags with enamel inlaid designs would be a big hit. We also had the idea of adding a different clip to leads, so we started making nylon products, and put our Character Clips on the leads.

As with all the best speciality products, it’s clear from what Andi shared with us during our interview that their design ethos is focussed on quality and durability, as well as making exciting, unique designs. This translates to excellent value for money for owners, and a bold fashion statement for style conscious hounds!

Next time, we have a chat with Hurtta...

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Rupert Brown

Rupert owns and runs Muddy Paws with his wife Emma. Having set up the company when Oscar was a puppy 8 years ago (the famous chief tester here at Muddy Paws HQ), Rupert has lots of experience when it comes to looking after a canine companion. Visit Rupert's Google+ profile.

Rupert Brown

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