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25 Reasons why you can't live without your dog.....!

Total Dedication!Dogs chew things up, spit them out and eat an awful lot for breakfast. They can be a huge responsibility, taking up both time and money, they even expect you to clean up after them. This stuff might sound like a deal breaker to those thinking about buying a dog, but here are 25 reasons why you can't live without one...

1. Exercise
Dogs make sure you get out the house for a good walk at least once a day, helping to keep you fit and healthy!

2. Responsibility
Looking after an animal is a great way for kids (and adults) to learn how to become responsible for another living thing's well-being, a life lesson everyone needs to learn.

Puppy Chasing Tail3. Entertainment
If you own a dog, there's never a dull moment. They'll always do funny things to make you smile and keep you in a happy mood.

4. They could become a YouTube sensation
Your dog could be the next internet sensation. Plenty of pooches have gone viral for the weird and wonderful talents they possess, from skateboarding to barking like a human, all skills are accepted by the dog-loving audiences of YouTube. Just look at good old Fenton and how many hits he had

5. They could save your life
Some dogs will admittedly be useless in a crisis, but others have proven to be simply heroic. One Chihuahua saved a one year old child from an approaching three-foot rattle snake, the dog sustained a bite from the snake but managed to fend it off.

6. Make you more sociable
Its human nature to sometimes not want to get out and about and interact with other people, even though it's good for developing social skills and mental health. Having a dog means you don't have the choice! Taking your dog for a walk means you get the chance to chat with other dog owners who you might pass along the way, who knows you might strike up a great friendship.

7. Help you meet a partner
Sticking with the theme of socialising, dogs can be a great way to meet people of the opposite sex and potential partners. Your furry friend provides a great talking point to break the ice and get to know someone else.

8. They make you more attractive
Not only do they help you chat to potential suitors, but they actually make you more appealing. According to a study, dogs apparently make their owners appear more attractive to the opposite sex.

Cuddles on the Sofa9. Cuddles
But even if they don't help bag you your perfect partner, you'll always have them to cuddle up to on a Saturday night in front of the TV.

10. Help you appreciate the simple things
When you watch your dog running in circles chasing its own tail, it's hard not to think that sometimes the simple things are all you need to be happy.

11. Reduce stress
Research has also shown that dogs can also help to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety.

12. Because they are better than cats
Really, this point needs no explanation. Cats are like moody teenagers and treat your home like a hotel, only popping back for the odd meal are but more concerned about their social life (perhaps we're biased of course!)

Look into my eyes.........!13. They're so cute!
I challenge you to stare into a puppy's eyes and not get that warm fuzzy feeling of happiness. It's impossible.

14. They can help you cool
Everyone knows dogs can help you gain a few cool points, you can even buy yourselves matching coats if you're feeling particularly devoted to your pet!

15. Some can detect cancer
That's right, dogs are clever enough to detect cancer. A dog can smell with 70-99 per cent accuracy whether someone has cancer or not.

16. Reduce the chances of babies developing eczema
Although it may seem counter intuitive, studies have found that babies under the age of one who live with a dog are significantly less likely to develop skin conditions such as eczema.

17. Give elderly people company
As people age, they are less able to get out the house and socialising becomes difficult. Owning a dog ensures that an elderly person doesn't feel lonely when they spend a lot of time at home.

18. Help deal with depression
Those who suffer from depression can be aided by the love of a dog. The presence of a pet who loves its owner unconditionally gives the sufferer more reason to overcome their mental health problems.

19. Save on the heating bill
During the winter months, the amount of money that is spent on heating can be heart breaking, but with the help of a cuddly pooch this could all change. Turn the thermostat down a couple of notches and get cosy with your pet to keep warm.

20. Keep unwanted visitors at bay
A fox or a cat is far less likely to saunter into your garden to go to the toilet if they know that a dog regularly patrol the premises

21. Don't bear a grudge
Where humans struggle to let a grudge go, dogs are far more forgiving. Not only this but they are almost impossible to offend, you will rarely find an owner who has fallen out with their dog.

Dogs love Loo Roll!22. Keep you on your toes
Dogs can get up to all sorts of mischief, so to be a dog owner you need to be considerate of what you leave laying around, unless there's a particular item of clothing you think your partner doesn't look too good in.

23. You learn new skills
Looking after and training a dog can help you realise skills you never had before. Teaching a dog to sit, beg and roll-over might not be a necessity but it can be a lot of fun for both owner and pup.

24. Help to treat autism
The use of a therapy dog in a home with autistic people can help to reduce the levels of stress, in a way another human may not be able to.

25. Keep your home safe
Man's best friend can also make excellent security guards. Dogs which bark when someone enters a home are a great deterrent to burglars.


Rupert Brown

Rupert owns and runs Muddy Paws with his wife Emma. Having set up the company when Oscar was a puppy 8 years ago (the famous chief tester here at Muddy Paws HQ), Rupert has lots of experience when it comes to looking after a canine companion. Visit Rupert's Google+ profile.

Rupert Brown

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