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Ruffwear Webmaster Harness Review

Oscar the Cocker Spaniel wearing a Ruffwear Webmaster HarnessFor those of you that are looking for an “industrial strength” harness, then look no further than Ruffwear’s Webmaster Harness.

Easily lift your dog with this harness

It has a patented five point harness that is not only “escape proof” but it enables you to lift your dog up and they will be perfectly safe and balanced. These harnesses are used by Search and Rescue as they are designed so that dogs can literally be hoisted up and down steep inclines.

Hydrotherapy harness

The Webmaster Harness is also used as an aid to hydrotherapy as the dog can be supported whilst swimming in the water. Equally, it can be used for dogs that spend a lot of time in the water in place of a dog life jacket.

Help for dogs that pull

If you have a dog that pulls, the webmaster can be used to stop them pulling, although it is not designed to do this. Chief tester, Oscar, wears one of these and it has stopped him pulling. You can also attach the Ruffwear Beacon to the harness so that you can see your four legged friend is at night – the Beacon can be seen up to 3/4 mile away as it is very bright.

Ruffwear do a fantastic range of products for the outdoors enthusiast so if you are looking for some seriously good gear, then have a look at what’s on offer.

Muddy Paws Testers

The Muddy Paws Testers are a very special bunch indeed. They very kindly review a Muddy Paws product for two weeks and then tell us what they (and their dog!) think of it. In return, we refund them the cost of the product they've reviewed. If you'd like to become a Muddy Paws Tester then email us at and we will add you to our waiting list!

Muddy Paws Testers

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