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Review of the Heritage Houndstooth Box Duvet

Noah in the Danish Design Heritage Houndstooth Box DuvetI ordered the medium sized Danish Design Heritage Houndstooth Box Duvet for my dog Noah. Noah is a 4 year old Polish Lowland Sheepdog (a medium size dog) and has had a number of different beds in the past. I have found previous beds have tended not to last long as Noah likes to dig and scratch the beds in an attempt to get comfortable before laying down!

First impressions of the box duvet

What first attracted me to the box duvet was the colour and design as it was red which matches our bedroom decor, looked rather smart and was reasonably priced. The box duvet was advertised as hardwearing and comfortable as it is filled with super-soft thermal polyester fibre and the dimensions also meant it would fit inside Noah's wicker basket.

Peace at last!

When I unwrapped it Noah was keen to see what it was and when I revealed the bed he immediately started to bark and jump on it. It wasn't long for him to lay on it where he seemed quite happy. Since I bought the box duvet I have placed it within Noah's wicker basket where it fits perfectly and Noah rarely lays anywhere else and he now sleeps in his bed all night, where as before we would wake up to find him asleep at the end of our bed.

He also, doesn't dig or scratch at it before laying down. He seems very content and comfortable. I have found the box duvet is very easy to clean as the cover unzips easily and is machine washable.

Final score for the box duvet

I cannot fault the Box Duvet and would score it 5/5. In fact I am considering buying another for our living room! The only addition I would suggest is that there is a smaller size available for smaller dog breeds as the only available sizes are medium and large.

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