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Review of Country Dog Heavy Duty Waterproof Crate Pad

Country Dog Heavy Duty Waterproof Crate padHi there,  My name's Helen and I have 3 dogs, Galilea, Iolanthe and Kibuluu.  Galilea and Iolanthe are mixed breed, mainly Boston Terriers, they are 20 months old and Kibuluu is a Sprollie (mostly Collie) and he is 11 weeks old.

We have some problems with dog beds in our household, and we now mostly stick to blankets, because Galilea and Iolanthe like to play 'to me, to you' and they are not very good at it! So the remains of the dog beds end up being spread all around the house. The Country Dog Heavy Duty Crate pad looked sturdy enough for us to try, and is a last ditch attempt to find a bed that can survive our puppies.

Using the crate pad for camping

We're so comfortable!I purchased the crate pad for Galilea and Iolanthe to take with us when we go camping at Flyball Tournaments. The ground is often wet and they get quite cold especially as night draws in.  The crate bed is great for camping as is isn't too chunky so we can fit it into the car easily and it's waterproof. Though unusually for camping in the UK it has been warm and dry on all of our trips since we got it. Maybe this is the reason that they just wouldn't use it preferring to spread out on the cool ground. I then tried it at home and they still wouldn't use it, awkward madams! The bed is more padded than a lot of their beds and seems comfy (not that I've laid on it) to me.  I wonder if they are not keen on the slightly thicker material cover, which I love because it's really easy to keep clean. 

Perfect for a puppy?

Helen MillerrThe bed has been sitting in the lounge virtually unused for weeks, and then our new puppy Kibuluu arrived; and he loves it and in fact it's become his bed of choice.  The crate pad is now covered with puppy toys and sleepy puppy. I think it will last him a long time as it is very well made. He likes the ridge round the outside for propping up his sleepy head.

As I write Galilea has decided that she might like to sit on the crate pad after all, did I mention they were awkward!



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