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P & L Luxury Heavy Duty Tweed mattress with waterproof lining review

Hi there, my name's Risha and my two dogs, Florence the Cocker Spaniel and Neo the Golden Retriever both love the Pets & Leisure Luxury Heavy Duty Tweed Mattress!

Risha & Flo the Cocker SpanielNeo is 10 years old and I got this for Flo late last year, she is now 8 months old and since I purchased this bed in November 2013 the two of them regularly fight over whom is going to lie across the mattress. I bought a large dog bed hoping that they might both be happy to share it but at this rate I think I may have to get another one! Both Neo & Flo love the bed and use it to play and fall asleep on.

New favourite dog bed

I have bought a number of beds in the past for the both of them and this is most definitely their preference out of all of them to date. It is really well cushioned and as soon as the dogs get in from a walk it's the first place they want to go and relax. It is also waterproof which makes it really easy to clean as you can just remove the cover and give it a wash, this really is a bonus for me when they have been out in the rain and get wet and muddy! The colour is very neutral so it fits in with the house décor well and the tweed makes it look like part of the furniture!

Large bed for a large dog

Neo is very large for a Golden Retriever and it's always been a struggle to find a dog bed large enough that he finds comfortable, fits on fully and wants to sleep on. This is the first actual dog bed that he will sleep on (otherwise it's my bed or the sofa!). It is great value for money and I'm glad to have finally found a bed that he wants to and enjoys to snooze on. There is no doubt that I'll be taking it out in the garden in the summer as the base is made out of a brilliant heavy duty material.

I really recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a comfortable dog bed that is waterproof and aesthetically pleasing! I rate this 5/5, and am so glad I made the purchase.

Flo & Neo enjoying their new P&L Mattress


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