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Orbee Tuff Orbee Ball Review

 Muddy Paws testerWhen the Orbee tuff ball  arrived, I opened the parcel, removed the large cardboard tag and I showed my dog Noah. Immediately the excitement on his face grew. He sat and gave me his paw - he knew this was a ball for him.

Noah is a 4 year old Polish Lowland Sheepdog and would play fetch 24/7 if the muscles in my arm allowed. He is very much a big part of our growing family which includes my partner, our 2 1/2 year old son and myself and all three of us enjoy playing fetch with him. We go through a lot of tennis balls because after time they become half a ball through chewing or get lost in the garden.

First impressions of the Orbee Tuff Orbee Ball

I liked the Orbee Tuff Ball when I first saw it on the website from the fact it comes in quite striking colours and glows in the dark, so hopefully would be easier to spot on a dusk evening and in the grass. It was also advertised that it floats, bounces and has a 5/5 durability, so I knew that we would have to give it a go.

My 2 1/2 year old son has happily tested that the Orbee tuff ball floats by throwing it into our large paddling pool for Noah to retrieve. Noah happily went in and retrieved the ball as it bobbed on top of the water. The ball smells minty and after retrieving it the first time Noah had a good long time smelling the ball.

Using scent to play fetch

He currently has shorter hair as he's recently been trimmed but in the winter his long coat restricts his eyesight so having such a unique smell to the ball may also help Noah to find it. The ball is quite bouncy on grass, as well as concrete, and due to its lumpy exterior it doesn't bounce straight. This makes playing fetch that more entertaining as Noah anticipates it going one way, only for it to bounce another. In a more confined area this could be less amusing!

This is certainly a ball to play outside with in a garden or large space. The texture of the ball also allows you to get a good grip when throwing which meant even my son could throw it quite well, and with the added bounce it travelled a good distance. Noah really enjoys chewing the ball as it is hollow with 2 holes. It allows him to chomp down on the ball without it coming apart.

Long-lasting and plenty of fun

In fact, so far the ball has sustained a lot of chewing without any damage other than the odd tooth mark. I'm also very pleased that Noah seems very taken with the ball even after a week or so of having it. Usually with a new toy he gets a certain amount of enjoyment only to go back to playing with an older toy or he destroys the new toy so it's destined for the bin.

So far the Orbee Tuff Ball is still in great condition and appears to be Noah's new favourite toy! The ball comes in 3 sizes and we chose the medium ball as Noah is a medium sized dog so it should meet all other sized dog's needs too. For these reasons and because it does all the things it advertises I would have to give the Orbee tuff ball 5/5! The only addition that could be made would be perhaps to give the option to buy a ball launcher for it. We have one for launching tennis balls but it doesn't fit the medium size Orbee tuff ball. Other than that I think the ball fits all mine and Noah's needs.

Noah with the ball


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