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Maison Deluxe Slumber Bed Review

My name’s Marta Clayton and I run my own PR business, Smarta PR. Having longed for a dog for years, setting up on my own in 2012 and working from home meant I’d be there to lavish care and attention on a new puppy. So our pug, Walter, moved in with us in April this year. As any dog owner knows, it’s not long before a young pup is ready to graduate from a crate to a dog bed. It’s no exaggeration if I say that, for Walter and his Danish Design Maison Deluxe Slumber Bed, it was love at first sight. 


First impressions of the bed

Within two minutes of it being on the floor, he climbed in, curled up and settled down for his afternoon kip. Now he makes a beeline for it when he’s ready for a snooze and has a way of telling us how comfortable he finds it. He’s taken to hanging out of it upside down, completely dead to the world. The bed gets moved from room to room and is out on the patio on a warm summer’s evening. The plan is to buy a few more and dot them around the house so that Walter is never more than a stone’s throw away from a snoozing station.

'A refreshing change'

The jaunty French motif-style of the fabric may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it makes a refreshing change to the ‘furry’ alternatives on the market. The fabric has a linen texture, which makes it a more comfortable option in hot summer weather, and the padding feels thick and comfy. 

Good at keeping its shape

The only gripe is the thick Danish Design badge stitched on the side of the bed, which is an immediate chew magnet for your average pup. It doesn’t take long for a small hole to appear in the fabric, as a result. The cleaning instructions recommend hand washing for best results but this seems rather impractical for a dog bed that’s bound to get dirty. I machine-washed the pillow and bed separately on 40 degrees and they cleaned up a treat and kept their shape. 

Overall a comfortable, durable and well-designed dog bed

That said, I think any bed larger than the medium, (a good size to last a toy breed from puppy to adulthood), would be a struggle to fit in an average-sized washing machine. But overall, this stylish and well-made bed has earned Walter’s seal of approval for design, comfort and durability.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Marta and her dogMarta

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