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Hurtta Pro Raincoat Review

Hi, my name is Adrian I am the designated family dog walker.  This is Poppy aka Pops or Pink Belly girl.  Pops was rescued about six years ago and very quickly settled into our family, we think she is about eight now as no one knew her age when we homed her.  She works hard during the day in the small job she seems to have created and now excels in, waiting for the postman to arrive and bark like mad at him through the front window, I know I can hear you saying, she does lead a tough life. 

Poppy in the raincoatIn order to give her a break from this 9-5 routine I Live in an area that has Public access to Army Training Grounds from open windswept hills to gorse fields and small woods when it’s not being used, so at least six times a week for anything from one to one and a half hours daily we get to do what Pops considers to be her true love in life, triggered by the code word “Squarkies”.

Over the years I have slowly built up my own kit to be able to deal with all that Mother Nature throws at me when we go for our walks, from scorching sun to thunderstorms and snow even being able to go out in the pitch black using my head torch.

About a month ago we went out in a storm, I was toasty and dry in my waterproofs and woolly hat, when Pops and I reached a junction in our walk, to go right would mean we would do another couple of miles, our second lap of the day, to go left was a short walk down the hill back to the car.  I couldn’t believe my eyes she went left.  The first time in all these years she didn’t want to carry on.

I decided there and then if we were going to walk in all weathers then Pops was going to be comfortable.  

Poppy with her Hurtta Pro RaincoatThe first thing that strikes you when you open the Pro Raincoat'spackaging is its weight, it feels almost weightless.  The very next thing I did was to check the raincoat; it looked well-made and had a high quality level of finish to the product.

Looking at the various features on this coat all have been very well thought out and have purpose, the neck area has an adjustable elastic pull cord, this sits well around the dogs shoulders/neck holding the front of the coat in place and stopping the wind and water from blowing straight over Pops body.  There is also a collar that once straightened tapers from its widest at the back of Pops neck to the front of her chest giving added protection to her neck area.

The chest protection folds through Pop's front legs and has an adjustable length connector on each side so that when you wrap this around her waist it connects on her back; this has a locking mechanism to again secure the coat and the chest protector.  This provides fantastic protection to her underside keeping Pop's chest warm and dry.

Poppy in the mud wearing the raincoatThe rear of the coat has 2 elastic loops, Pop's legs go through these and that secures the rear of the coat so even when she is running around the jacket stays in place.

The coat has light reflectors also; this is the silver band running around the coat body, on the top of the chest piece and the Hurtta name, when a light shines on Pops in the dark she lights up.  A few of the night time mountain bikers have commented on how far away they have seen her as they pass us.

Pops has since getting her new jacket had a completely new lease of life in the recent terrible weather we have had, she has remained dry and doesn’t appear to mind being out in it.  After ninety minutes in the rain she is warm and dry, the Pro Raincoat lets us keep going “Squarkies”, no matter what’s thrown at us.  I know she loves this jacket.

I would have to give this an excellent rating definitely a 5 stars.

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