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Hurtta Outdoor Padded Harness Review

Rumbles the dog

Rumbles has been our family dog for four years now and we couldn’t have asked for a better companion.  My husband and I got him before we were married and he has grown with our family along with the new addition, his little brother and our baby Laith.  We have made it a point to ensure Rumbles doesn't feel left out with the new arrival so this past weekend we entered him into the local dog show. He picked up two ribbons, 3rd place for most looks like his owner, and 4th place for best fetch of the ball, though I did think the winner had an unfair advantage having used their own dog's ball. Poor Rumbles missed out, but his ribbons looked marvelous pinned to his new Hurtta Harness.

Replacing a old harness with a light-weight one

Our dog Rumbles might be small but he loves a walk and every day come rain or shine we have him in the park. We have road tested a lot of harnesses, in fact my husband has become obsessed with testing new ones given we get through a few every year. We got him a new harness as given the heat wave his old one was quite large and caused him to sweat a lot. I liked the look of the Hurtta models as they are simply designed and light-weight.  

I have been pleasantly surprised with the Hurtta Outdoor Padded Harness. Once deciding between the vibrant colour range we went for the 70cm which could be adjusted down for our oversize Jack Russell who would have been too big for the 45cm at a 55cm chest. The best part of this harness is how free our dog's legs are, yet secure around the chest. With no neck pull as Rumbles approaches the park and starts to take any slack from his lead.  I also love the safety latch that takes any strain away from the clasp, as most often this is the part of a harness that will break.

Safety features of the harness

Rumbles againI'm also looking forward to testing it come the winter months as we walk in the dark and with full Scotchlite reflective material throughout it will make our walk safer. In fact safety must have been top of mind for the designers as there is also a tag on the inside of the harness to write your phone number for any wandering pooches.

I would definitely recommend this harness. Can’t wait to get a spare in another colour!

Muddy Paws Testers

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Muddy Paws Testers

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