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Ezydog Life Jacket Review

Life jacket

Morf is a two year old Dalmatian that loves country walks, cycling and basically anything green. As a Dalmatian he has endless amount of energy and just loves to run. He is the first dog we have owned so even though I did my research his boundless energy came as a little bit if a surprise at first. Instead of being horrified I chose to embrace it and have had so many loopy and funny days out with him. Although he always seems super confident he can be a little nervous in new situations hence why we are keen to try doggy products that give him a helping hand to be brave enough to try new activities, and learn to love them. Morf is a happy soul that loves to play with dogs and humans alike, he has pretty good obedience unless he can see a picnic on the is definitely his weakness... so we are still working on that side of his training.

Testing out the life jacket

Morf in the jacketThe Ezydog Life Jacket was my first choice as it seemed economical compared with other brands but also had all the important features such as added buoyancy under the chin strap and came in yellow to aid spotting him in the water. There is also a carrying handle which if he did fall overboard I could pull him back in with and there was no chance of him slipping out of it either. After introducing Morf to all the sights and sounds of the country, we thought he would have been like a duck to water....however very little has been plain sailing with Morf and so we found ourselves with a dog that would paddle but point blank refuse to go in any further. Since we dream of taking a canal boating holiday this was worrying since he is keen on swans (I am not) and I worried about him jumping overboard when I wasn’t looking. Hence we started considering a life jacket just to give him that little bit of confidence he needed to go out of his depth and actually swim.



Getting the right fit for your dog life jacket

The jacket is very light so easy to carry and fits the dogs contours well as it has two comfy neoprene chest straps. Morf didn’t seem to object to it being put on and was quite happy to run around in it before getting in the water.

I went with the description from the makers which suggested that the length was not as important as the width and purchased a small as he was well within the width rating. When it arrived it was however very clear that this was far too small to support him and medium was going to be his size, so length does matter slightly more than Ezydog seem to suggest. The returns service worked really well and quickly with no quibbles, so soon we were ready to get swimming again.

Confidence boost for a dog out of his depth

I was expecting a little bit of a battle to be honest but it was actually really easy to convince him to swim towards me. At first he tiptoed around just on the boundaries of being out of his depth and then as I moved deeper he seemed to feel the security the life jacket gave him and he took the plunge fully...much to my surprise and determent (in terms of wetness!)

What a relief...after a two year battle to convince him of the pleasures of swimming he has in one session started to swim. He has now even advanced to a stage where I can throw a toy and he will swim for that without me having to wear waders and join him!

The jacket didn’t hold water so dried really quickly, in fact by the time we had got back to the car. Overall a 5/5 product that I would struggle to recommend an improvement for and have even gone on to buy one for our Boston Terrier.

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