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Earthbound Luxury Country Tweed Mattress Review

Dog on bedLaura Proctor tested this mattress for us and it proved very popular with her three dogs:  

  • Holly the Border terrier, princess of the pack who makes a habit of getting stuck down holes
  • Tess my other Border terrier (sister to Holly) who is always after her belly rubbing  
  • Maggie the Patterdale cross terrier who is the terror of the group who always causes trouble

Here is how Laura got on...

A perfect fit for the back of the car

We picked the Earthbound Mattress mainly to be used in the back seat of my Mini. We needed some form of bed to fit neatly on the seat to protect the leather seats and stop the dogs sliding about. As usual my order arrived promptly and well packaged from Muddy Paws. As soon as I put the packaged item on the floor all three of our intrepid testers gathered round for a quick sniff and paw. When taking the mattress out of the packaging Holly didn’t give us chance to take off the tags as she was already sat on it before the other two knew what was happening! 

Visually we found it a very appealing bed, it matched everything in the house and didn’t look out of place which we have found with some dog beds in the past as they are such large objects and can take up a lot of room. We ordered the medium bed and found that it fitted perfectly in the back of the car and unusually they seemed very willing to jump in when realising the bed was there.

Terrier on the bed










An easy to wash dog matress

A great feature is being able to remove the cover of the mattress which was very easy to wash when three muddy terriers have been rolling around on it.  The press studs appear to be strong and it is a good idea that they have made a feature of the fasteners rather than using smaller more discrete weak ones.

Overall I would give this product four out of five stars, it is everything you would want in a dog bed.

I would recommend ordering a larger size bed even if you have the smaller sized dog like me, this meant that more than one dog could sit on it at a time or one dog could lie down comfortably.

Muddy Paws Testers

The Muddy Paws Testers are a very special bunch indeed. They very kindly review a Muddy Paws product for two weeks and then tell us what they (and their dog!) think of it. In return, we refund them the cost of the product they've reviewed. If you'd like to become a Muddy Paws Tester then email us at and we will add you to our waiting list!

Muddy Paws Testers

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