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Doodlebone Soft Harness Review

Oscar sitting down

My name is Chereen O’Loughlin, my dog is Sir Oscar de Pomford of Woofingtonshire, or Oscar for short. I’m 25 and Oscar is nearly 3. I got Oscar when I was rather ill and he helped me to focus on getting better. Oscar is a little life saver, he's also rather funny and intelligent. There’s no separating us now.

First impressions of the Doodlebone Padded Soft Harness

We purchased the Doodlebone Padded Soft Harness at the beginning of September as we had been looking for a good harness for a while. We had tried many others but this harness is great, it is indeed soft but durable and firm. It is very well made and easy to put on and fasten as well as take off. I feel he is very secure in it, which is always a plus. Oscar doesnt scratch at it or find it annoying like other harnesses we have tried in the past. He is quite comfortable in it, the harness doesn't shift like other harnesses can, due to the material on the inside. It is not a non-slip material, but I feel that it does help grip to him. It still allows him to move very freely whilst running around with other dogs.

Finding the right fit for the harness

As Oscar is a cross breed, he is in between a medium and large dog so trying to find a harness that can be adjusted to him has been difficult. With the Doodlebone Harness, the adjustment was easy to do and allowed movement even at its tightest fitting. Although I do have a winter coat for Oscar, the design keeps him warm around his chest and neck. There is also some give in the harness which means that if I do need to pull Oscar back or away from anything, he isn't hurt from the straps and they won't dig into him. 

There is a good range of colours, which are bright and easy to clean too, which I like along with the design as it makes Oscar look rather smart. It can be worn with a collar, so you don't have to take it off if your dog has one with an ID tag on, however you can put an ID tag on the harness also. 

Oscar standingOscar at the window


Muddy Paws Testers

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