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Top Tips to keep your dog a friend for life

Here at Muddy Paws HQ, we are firm believers of the mantra that a healthy dog is a happy one.  Keeping our dogs fit and healthy will help them to be our friends for life – something we were reminded of with Eukanuba’s Friends for Life competition which, as part of Crufts 2016, celebrates just how special four legged friends are.  Changing their owners’ lives and helping them to overcome adversities, these dogs provide vital support every day, proving just how important having doggy friends for life can be. 

With these wonderful dogs in mind, we wanted to share our top tips to help keep all four legged friends healthy, young at heart and help them to continue to be our very own furry companions.

Exercise with your dogExercise

Getting out and about with your dog is one of the best ways for both of you to stay fit and healthy.  A regular exercise regime will help your dog stay trim and in the peak of physical condition.  This contributes to your dog living a long and happy life.  It’s also a great way for you to spend time together. 

Different breeds need different amounts of exercise so make sure when choosing a puppy that you think through which breeds might suit your lifestyle and fit in with your routines.  Try to change your daily walking patterns and cover different terrains so that your dog gets variety.  As a dog gets older, think about paths which offer a more leisurely amble but that still give plenty of opportunities to stop and sniff.


Food is a vital part of your dog’s health and wellbeing.  Some recent nutritional research looked at the link between food and a dog’s lifespan and highlighted findings that showed that the right nutrition can have a positive impact on our four legged friends, not only helping them to live a healthy lifestyle but also to live longer. Healthy_Eating

Choose a food that meets all your dog’s needs and stick to portion control.  Overweight dogs are more likely to develop long term illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease so feeding the correct amount to your dog is just as important as the food itself.  Checking your dog’s body regularly by running your hands along his rib cage, down towards his waist and feeling his tummy too, will help you to gauge if you are feeding the right amount.  We all like to treat our pets but treats should be just that – every now and again and given sparingly.  Dogs need different nutrition depending on which stage they are in their lives, so bear this in mind as your dog starts to age.  Just like any food products, there are plenty of brands out there so if you’re in doubt about what you should be eating, then seek advice from breeders, dog trainers or your vet. 

Puppy Play


Playing with your dog is as much a part of keeping him young at heart as walking and feeding him.  Make play part of your dog’s daily routine.  Play ensures your dog is mentally stimulated but it’s

 also a lovely way to bond with your dog too.  Fetch, ‘find it’ games or hide and seek as well as interacting with your pooch through pats and cuddles will make a considerable difference to your dog’s quality of life, now and well into their dotage.  Touch is such an important sense to both humans and dogs and increases trust and affection between us and them.

Regular Vet checks

Vets are an invaluable source of advice, not just on health issues but also diet, exercise and behaviour.  Your dog will stay fit and live longer through regular worming, flea treatments and vaccinations.  Annual boosters, health check-ups and dental health advice are all important aspects of maintaining your dog’s overall wellbeing where your vet can offer a helping hand.




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