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Muddy Paws' top 6 dog biscuit and treat recipes for Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and it’s fair to say that one of the highlights of this time of year is the fantastic food that gets rolled out to keep the winter blues at bay. The way we see it here at Muddy Paws, there’s no reason why humans should be the only ones who get to enjoy this aspect of the holiday season, so we’ve scoured the internet to bring your pooch a taste of Christmas. Below is a list of the 6 best Christmas dog treats and Christmas dog biscuit recipes; from the cream of online canine bakers and chefs.

Homemade peanut butter and banana dog treats

(From Wholefoods Market)

The genius of these dog treats is that they’ll not only be irresistible to your four-legged friend, with their delicious blend of banana and peanut butter, but they’ll keep your hound’s breath fresh at the same time! The use of parsley, or mint if desired, ensures that a dog’s exhalations post consumption will be notably less unpleasant!

Apple mint holiday dog treats

(From Best dog treat recipes)

An easy to make recipe, these Apple and mint flavoured dog treats are an exciting green colour, for that extra festive feel. However, unlike the human snacks consumed around the same time, these dog biscuits are low in both fat and calories; ensuring that your pooch will probably be the only family member not piling on the pounds this Christmas!

Gingerbreadman dog treats

(From Pretty Fluffy)

There are few better ways to spread Christmas cheer to your pet than to share some of the seasonal treats that humans also enjoy; gingerbread men being one of the more popular. There are a few dog friendly gingerbread man recipes to be found on the internet, but this one is our favourite; being simultaneously delicious, while also not being ridiculously unhealthy for you loyal hound.

Canine Candy Canes

(From Dog Treat Kitchen)

A bit more of an oddball conversion of an existing human Christmas treat, this Christmas biscuit recipe recreates candy cane as a dog-friendly, and more importantly, delicious savoury snack. The sugary flavourings of traditional Christmas candy canes are replaced by a pooch approved combination of chicken and mint flavoured stripes; a welcome surprise for inquisitive canine taste buds!

Gluten free pumpkin dog treats

(From Pet Guide)

A confession to make; the dog chef extraordinaire behind this Christmas dog biscuit recipe originally set out to make Halloween themed confections; we liked the recipe so much, and consider pumpkin to be such a staple element of festive cuisine, that we had to include this particular recipe in this list. Perhaps a little more complex than the other recipes on this list, these delicious Christmas dog treats offer something a bit different to what a pooch is normally used to.

Christmas leftover thumbprint cookie recipe

(From Kol’s Notes)

This recipe offers the best of both worlds, a delicious snack for your pooch, and an easy means for you to constructively make use of the leftovers from Christmas dinner. Given the choice between inflicting turkey curry on your human family members for another year running, or treating the hounds in your tribe to an exciting seasonal treat, this recipe provide the obvious solution.

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